2 Best Books on Passive Income

Research shows that Americans spend at least 20 minutes daily reading. In addition, Americans spend more than $100 on books of any format. However, most people prefer printed books, but that is changing due to the diversification of the media.  This blog explains the best books on passive income. At least these books have changed […]

How to Start a Permanent Jewelry Business: 8 Requirements

A permanent jewelry business is a great catch, especially for stay-at-home moms and dads. The global luxury jewelry market was $28 billion, and luxury watches were $52 billion. The wearer will always feel unique and confident, whether it’s cheap or expensive jewelry. And that could be a significant opportunity to start a permanent jewelry business. A […]

4 Clean Money Dirty Hands Jobs

Clean Money Dirty Hands

Clean money, dirty hands is a saying that symbolizes working hard to earn income. We live in a world with thousands of ways to make money online or offline. That said, we all know that some people make money through illegal means, which they pay for it later. This blog will shed some light on […]

Is Uber a Good Side Hustle?

In 2022, Uber drivers made over 7.6 billion trips, an increment of about 10% from 2021. In addition, Uber generated more income in 2022, with an increase of 82% from 2021. These statistics show that there is a need for more drivers since the company is growing year by year. And that brings in the […]

How to Start and Manage a Small Business: 11 Tips

Statistics show that 34.4% of small businesses fall in their first decade due to mismanagement. No matter the survival percentage, there is still a chance of surviving as a small entrepreneur. Are you torn between a physical and a virtual investment? Well, like anyone else, you may opt to start a small business and scale […]

Mortgage Loans in the US, How Do They Work?

mortgage loans in the US

Homeownership is a freedom that many people in the US yearn for. Statistics show that as of the 2022 Q1, the residential mortgage in the US totaled $11.8 trillion. That amount is expected to rise in 2023 as many Americans focus on owning homes. Being a homeowner gives you some safety and accomplishment in life. […]

The 7 Best Budgeting Apps for College Students

person holding a space gray iPhone 6 displaying apps

College students, you’ve got to get a budget. We know it’s tough. We know you’re busy and have a lot going on. But if you want to be successful in college—and to stay on track with your finances—you should start thinking about your spending habits now. The good news is that there are tons of […]