A permanent jewelry business is a great catch, especially for stay-at-home moms and dads. The global luxury jewelry market was $28 billion, and luxury watches were $52 billion. The wearer will always feel unique and confident, whether it’s cheap or expensive jewelry. And that could be a significant opportunity to start a permanent jewelry business.

A permanent jewelry business could be the next big business you will start in your lifetime. There is always demand for jewelry, and more is needed. That creates a gap in the jewelry industry, and you can take the opportunity to earn money as a jewelry welder.

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What is Permanent Jewelry?

From the word permanent, you should know that the jewelry will be intact wherever it is. For instance, if it’s a necklace, bracelet, or anklet, it doesn’t have claps for removing it. Instead, the ends are fixed together so they cannot come out.

Permanent jewelry is a way of expressing a feeling associated with the giver of the jewelry. Therefore, starting a permanent jewelry business would be great to help more people express love and feelings to their special people.

As a wearer of permanent jewelry, I understand how it feels to have one and preserve it to the utmost. The time when the hand bracelet got fused on my arm was the best feeling, and I still have it to date, more than three years since I got it from my friend.

That’s why it’s possible to start a permanent jewelry business and earn some good money today.

Requirements to Start a Permanent Jewelry Business

Like any other business, you should have a skill before you start a permanent jewelry business. The good thing is with the power of the internet, you can learn how to fuse permanent jewelry through online courses and tutorials.

Here is our recommendation for a permanent jewelry kit to start a permanent jewelry business. Remember that your experience and expertise in creating exceptional chains will lead to the success of your business.

  1. A permanent jewelry welder

You should also gather the tools you will use in your welding process. The most reliable permanent jewelry welder is the Orion mPulse by Sunstone Welders. After acquiring the toll, it’s essential to take a few courses. Luckily, you can find tutorials on Youtube to help you understand how the welder works.

  1. Argon gas

It’s vital to use argon gas when welding permanent jewelry due to its exceptional benefits. For instance, the gas helps remove oxygen when burning, producing sootless chains that stand out. 

The gas also helps produce more robust chains that are hard to break. Although you can still start a permanent jewelry business without Argon gas, it’s highly recommended to have it for quality purposes.

  1. Chain Cutters

It’s essential to have an excellent chain cutter to help you cut your jewelry precisely. Your cutter should enable you to cut thick or thin chains to facilitate your business.

  1. A Chain

Of course, you need a chain to start your permanent jewelry business. You can buy a few feet of inexpensive stainless steel to practice with it. To master the welding craft, you should begin with thick to thinner chains.

Learning how to weld before starting a permanent jewelry business is essential. 

  1. A leather patch

Your client’s safety should come first when welding permanent jewelry on them. That’s why you need a protective cover between the client’s skin and the chain as you fuse the permanent jewelry on them.

  1. Protective glasses

Just like any other welder, you need to protect your eyes from the light emitting from the welder. The light from these welders can damage your eyes permanently if you expose yourself constantly.

Furthermore, it can also damage your client’s eyes, so you can focus on having two protective glasses, one for you and the other for your clients.

  1. A specialty pliers

A plier will help you pick the cut chain and join the ends together. These pliers should be small enough to hold the chain without much strain. It will be an extension for where your hand cannot reach. Therefore, it would be great to choose your pliers wisely.

  1. Magnifying lens

Some permanent jewelry welders use magnifying lenses to see the links when welding jewelry on their clients. 

Steps to Start a Permanent Jewelry Business

After acquiring the necessary tools to start a permanent jewelry business, you should know what else to do to keep your business up and running.

Step 1: Identify your ideal customer

Which state are you in, and what class of people do you wish to be your target clients? That’s the main question you should ask yourself before you start a permanent jewelry business. 

Are your target clients classic, trendy, or brides? After knowing the type of clients you will serve, it will take you to the next step of identifying your products.

Start a permanent jewelry business

Step 2: Identify your products

If you target different classes of clients with your permanent jewelry business, you should also target to have different sets of chains. For instance, you should have golden, rose gold,  silver, and platinum chains in your stock. You can also add chains with different sets of colors. 

Step 3: Market your permanent jewelry business

As a startup in jewelry business welding, you should market your business to your potential clients. You can create personalized posts and adverts on social media targeting the audience near you.

You can also use print advertisements to direct people to your business premises. Ensure that the posters have your services and contact information.

Furthermore, ensure you keep the contact details of the clients you get. They may come back or refer others to you.

Step 4: Build your Jewelry business brand

If you gain loyal clients for your permanent jewelry services, they can help you build a reputable brand. All you have to do is ask them to give honest feedback as comments on social media.

As a permanent jewelry welder, you should also define your mission, vision, and goals. Strategic goals for your business and sticking to them will help you build a reputable brand for your permanent jewelry business.

Is Permanent Jewelry Business Worth it?

There is high demand for permanent jewelry

Yes, a permanent jewelry business is profitable if you have the right skills to fuse the jewelry for our clients. As long as people care more about their appearance, you can break even fast with a permanent jewelry business. 

The good thing is that the demand for permanent jewelry stays strong for a while. 

Very high return on investment

The time you put into welding permanent jewelry on your clients pays off handsomely. In addition, you will need a few clients in your first days in your business to recover the money you used to buy the business tools.

The flexibility is exceptional

The freedom you get after you start a permanent jewelry business is exceptional. Isn’t that what we call financial freedom? You work and earn as well as have time for your loved ones. The good thing is that with the right skills, you can make lots of money daily and still have enough time to do other things.

In addition, you can start a permanent jewelry business on other premises. For instance, if you had an active business selling other supplies, you can add a permanent jewelry business to the other business.

That gives you the flexibility and freedom to run two businesses on one premise, which will increase profits.

Doing what you love and gaining profits

Once you learn to weld, permanent jewelry will be a fun experience and earn you profits too. I would say that it’s simple to make profits through something you love. 

start a permanent jewelry business

The Bottom Line

Investing in these small businesses, which seem unprofitable, is what makes people millionaires. Consider starting a permanent jewelry business and see yourself rich in a few years of dedication.

You will surely succeed in the permanent jewelry business once you follow the guidelines in this blog post. Good Luck!

How to Start a Permanent Jewelry Business: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is starting a permanent jewelry business worth it?

Yes. You can sacrifice a few days to learn how to weld permanent jewelry and a few dollars to buy the tools, and you are assured of lifetime income. The time and money you invest in a permanent jewelry business will pay off in huge profits.

  1. Can I do permanent jewelry welding while at home?

There are many ways to make money while at home, and you can also do permanent jewelry welding and earn some decent cash. Furthermore, it will depend if you have a massive space at home to accommodate several clients.

However, it would help to set your business in a strategic location with many people. That way, it will be easy for people and passers-by to notice your business.

  1. Do you need the training to do a permanent jewelry business?

Yes. At least you need to learn how to weld permanent jewelry before you get clients. Therefore, you can utilize permanent jewelry online tutorials to learn.

  1. How much do permanent bracelets cost?

A permanent bracelet can cost about $42 to $220, meaning you can make some good money there as a welder. 

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  1. Start your own business and become a permanent jewelry artist by selling at fairs, markets, or home parties. The materials you use will directly impact the quality and aesthetic of your jewelry.

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