How Much Money Does Elon Musk Make a Second

So, how much money does Elon Musk make a second? You have probably heard about Elon Musk, who recently bought the Twitter platform. Elon Musk is currently the wealthiest man in the world, with over 217 billion dollars in net worth as of August 2023. Elon Musk has several assets and businesses, including Tesla, Space […]

10 Jobs That Will Survive The AI Revolution

The AI revolution is undoubtedly bringing significant changes to the job market. However, there are jobs that will survive the AI revolution due to their unique characteristics, making them less susceptible to automation. 23% of organizations expect AI to displace jobs, while 49% expect AI to create more jobs. With these statistics, we cannot deny […]

2 Best Books on Passive Income

Research shows that Americans spend at least 20 minutes daily reading. In addition, Americans spend more than $100 on books of any format. However, most people prefer printed books, but that is changing due to the diversification of the media.  This blog explains the best books on passive income. At least these books have changed […]

DSCR Loan Florida: All You Need to Know

Florida is among the most visited states in the US. And one of the main reasons for the visits is the excellent climate and Disney Park. These statistics show that there is potential growth in real estate in Florida. Therefore, if you want to invest in commercial real estate, you may have to consider taking […]

4 Chat GPT Business Ideas You Can Try Today

Chat GPT has not been a new word since November 2022. This Open AI tool took the internet by storm, especially the freelancing world. Most people in the writing profession suffered massive job losses because of the introduction of this Open AI’s writing tool. However, do you know that there are Chat GPT business ideas […]

The 7 Best Budgeting Apps for College Students

person holding a space gray iPhone 6 displaying apps

College students, you’ve got to get a budget. We know it’s tough. We know you’re busy and have a lot going on. But if you want to be successful in college—and to stay on track with your finances—you should start thinking about your spending habits now. The good news is that there are tons of […]

10 Financial Mistakes To Avoid in 2023

red Wrong Way signage on road

Financial mistakes are becoming a norm nowadays. These mistakes may not be evident initially, but in a short period, they would have caused a long-term financial crisis. Everyone has a big dream of achieving ultimate financial freedom, but that can remain just a mere dream due to a small financial mistake. This blog explains ten […]

How to Intergrate Digital Marketing with Finance Business

SEO in finance

You should know that it’s tough to get clients by traditional means. Therefore, with the continuous growth of technology, it’s important to embrace digital marketing strategies in your finance business. In the past years, the banking industry could hire individuals to reach out to customers at their homes and workplaces. However, due to financial technology […]