Research shows that Americans spend at least 20 minutes daily reading. In addition, Americans spend more than $100 on books of any format. However, most people prefer printed books, but that is changing due to the diversification of the media. 

This blog explains the best books on passive income. At least these books have changed the lives of millions of people globally, including mine. The book I read at the end of 2020 shaped who I am today. And I credit the Author for such incredible work that made me who I am today.

If you read the passive income books I’ll unveil here, you will surely change your mindset toward making money. I base my recommendation on personal experience after reading the book. 

The books motivated me enough to start passive income streams from my home. I have gotten financial freedom from the power of reading these books and implementing their knowledge.

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The Best Books on  Passive Income

  1. The Parable of the Pipeline by Burke Hedges
best books on passive income

I was at the peak of my reading spree when I came across the Parable of the Pipeline book by Burke Hedges. It’s among the best books on passive income I have ever come across in my financial freedom journey. I had read a lot of narratives, and I had yet to come across a book that would help me open my mind as this book did.

I had become a reading addict, from storybooks to Facebook and other social media posts and stories. And that was great to help cultivate my poor reading culture. It was the right time on my career path to come across The Parable of the Pipeline.

My mind was well prepared to consume and activate the knowledge I got from this passive income book. 

In this book, Burke Hedges explains how two friends had a different mindsets when they got a job carrying water to their village. The two friends were happy to get the job since they had nothing before, and it sounded good to finally pay their bills from the work they did in the village.

These jobs represent the 9-5 jobs that most people work daily. Mostly, the jobs take up all the time, leaving you with little time to create passive income streams. 

I refer to The Parable of the Pipeline as the best book on passive income because it has shaped and guided my journey to financial freedom.

In the book, one of the friends thought about a pipeline that would take water to the village without much effort. He used to spare time to build the pipeline after the 9-5 job. His friend thought he was going crazy and said it would be impossible to build such a pipeline.

After much effort and dedication, the man finally completed his pipeline and could comfortably take water to the village even while asleep. On the other hand, his friend had developed health problems due to the heavy work of carrying water for years to the village. Whenever he didn’t go to work, he didn’t have the money to pay off his bills. And he ended up being employed by the owner of the pipeline.

This parable implies you don’t get the income for the day you don’t go to work. And that is different from the pipeline that would bring money even during bad weather or while asleep.

This book on passive income shows that it’s possible to spend time building a passive income stream and start earning money without much toil. 

The book opened my mind, and I started the journey to gain financial freedom through passive income. And surely, I run several blogs that pump in passive income monthly.

Financial Freedom Simplified by Cecilia  W. Malika

best passive income books

This is yet among the best books on passive income that have helped shape my journey toward gaining financial freedom. I believe in the power of reading and think you should too.

The Author of this passive income book shows incredible ways to gain financial freedom. There is indeed a definite path towards financial freedom. You can’t learn this path in school, but you’ll learn it in these best books on passive income.

Reading this passive income book has been a pleasure that has further guided me in starting more passive income streams, which are helping me in my financial freedom journey.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, you can learn a lot from these best passive income books and eventually gain financial freedom. Remember that gaining financial freedom through the 9-5 job is tough. But it’s easy if you create the best passive income streams.

I believe that if you follow the books I have recommended in this blog, you will create ideal passive income streams wit the help of the best books on passive income.

Cecilia Malika

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