Reasons Why A Lender Rejects a Loan Application, 5 Top Things to Do

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Getting a No from your lender is something that can frustrate you, especially if you need the cash so urgently. However, they should follow some criteria to ensure they lend money to a responsible person. If your lender rejects a loan application, it’s important to understand why the rejection occurred. In most cases, lenders will […]

What are Payday Loans? All You Need to Know

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Are you struggling to get to your next payday due to your little income? Well, payday loans can be an excellent choice, especially if you are comfortable with the payment terms. According to PYMNTS, in collaboration with LendingClub, as of September, 66% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck, making it hard to save or invest money. These […]

The 7 Best Budgeting Apps for College Students

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College students, you’ve got to get a budget. We know it’s tough. We know you’re busy and have a lot going on. But if you want to be successful in college—and to stay on track with your finances—you should start thinking about your spending habits now. The good news is that there are tons of […]

5 Tips to Get a Good Financial Advisor

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Sometimes, managing your finances gets tough, resulting in bad financial choices. Wrong money decisions put you in a complicated financial status. That’s why you may consider getting a good financial advisor to help you make sober decisions on your income. Whether you are a low or high-income earner, you should have a good financial advisor […]

18 Amazon Shopping Hacks to Save You Money

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Online shopping has been on the rise for the last decade. People have learnt the beauty of shopping online, like getting what you want at your doorstep. Not to mention the Amazon shopping hacks that have helped many to save some huge chunks of cash. This post explains how you can save money with Amazon […]

How to Earn Money as a Consultant in the US

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When looking for ways to make money in the US, you will find that consultants can offer a few different types of opportunities. The most common way for consultants to earn passive income is through consulting services. You can get paid for the advice or expertise you offer to your clients or employers. However, there […]

How to Earn Money With Dropshipping

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Many people have committed to making money while at home through their laptops and mobile phones. Thanks to the internet! Now, you can earn money with dropshipping by selling products online. It’s also a viral method for those looking to make extra money by selling dropshipped items on the internet. However, if you’re new to […]

The Best 28 Apps That Pay Real Money 

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Earning money online has been on the rise in the past few years. Thousands of people globally, including me, opted for online work after the 2020 Coronavirus saga. That said, mobile apps have emerged that pay real money after doing various simple tasks. You’ve all heard or seen people making money with their mobile phones […]

10 Financial Mistakes To Avoid in 2023

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Financial mistakes are becoming a norm nowadays. These mistakes may not be evident initially, but in a short period, they would have caused a long-term financial crisis. Everyone has a big dream of achieving ultimate financial freedom, but that can remain just a mere dream due to a small financial mistake. This blog explains ten […]

15 Ways to Save Money as a Beginner

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Learning how to save money as a beginner is something that can skyrocket your journey to financial freedom. Saving money as a beginner is never going to be an easy task. The Covid-19 pandemic has proven the importance of having some savings somewhere. Many lost their day jobs during this time, and most have starved—for […]