Airbnb Consultant: 4 Steps to Earn Money

Airbnb listings in the US were over 2 million in 2021. In addition, the US had the highest night bookings, over 99 million in 2021. These statistics show that Airbnb poses a big opportunity for investors to grow. One of the greatest opportunities to leverage is being an Airbnb consultant.

Airbnb has been growing over the years, and we expect it to grow further. This results from the urge of people who would love to experience new places and accommodations across the globe.

This blog will show you how to earn money as an Airbnb consultant. Remember that the more you diversify your income sources, the faster you’ll gain financial freedom.

Earn money as an Airbnb consultant

What is Airbnb?

In 2008, two roommates, Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky, came up with the idea of setting up an Airbed and breakfast business. Since then, the company has gained popularity across the globe, and it’s currently worth billions of money as of 2023. 

The company is a broker for short-term and long-term homestays and lodgings. It earns in terms of commissions from listings and bookings across the globe.

The continuous growth of this hospitality company breeds opportunities for people to earn money through their unused apartments and as Airbnb consultants.

Who is an Aribnb Consultant?

An Airbnb consultant is an individual whose main aim is to help Airbnb hosts to succeed in their business. Every business has challenges that both newbies and veterans face.

For instance, a newbie Airbnb host would have some challenges, such as getting guests in their first months in business. And that’s where they will need an Airbnb consultant to help them make the right decisions in their business.

As an Airbnb consultant, you should have the perfect knowledge that will drive results into your client’s business. That’s why it’s essential to be an Airbnb host. It will be easier to understand the challenges of being an Airbnb host and how to solve them correctly.

The most important part of becoming an Airbnb consultant is understanding the challenges and the potential solutions. You may not be an Airbnb host and still earn money as a consultant.

If you are already an Airbnb host, you should have several listings with excellent reviews, like 5 stars. Excellent reviews show that you have experience, and that draws more clients into your Airbnb consultancy business.

However, you should have tangible data and experience in the Airbnb market. You can achieve that by interviewing several Airbnb hosts to understand their challenges in the market.

4 Steps to Earn as an Airbnb Consultant

1. Grow your credibility

Indeed, you can make money as an Airbnb marketing consultant if you input the right efforts. You only need to be good at what you do. If you are an Airbnb host, ensure you get good reviews from your clients by providing the best apartments. 

All your rooms should always be neat and attractive. In addition, ensure that everything in the house is working perfectly. For instance, fix all sinks, sockets, the alarm system, ventilation, etc. These are some of the ways to get 5-star reviews from your guests. Furthermore, ensure you respond to your guest’s comments and fix what needs to be fixed. 

Reviews are the greatest tool to gain trust not only from your guests but also from your consultancy clients. 5-star reviews show the guests that your rooms are the best. On the other hand, Airbnb host startups will trust your information because they can see you are a successful host.

If you are wondering how to become an Airbnb consultant, growing your credibility in the industry should be your top priority.

2. Niche down

If you want to earn money as an Airbnb consultant, it’s important to know the ins and outs of the Airbnb business in your region. Be at par with industry news and always implement what’s good in your houses.

Niching down includes understanding more about real estate, especially the Airbnb part. You can create a consultancy blog where you update your audience with the trending issues in the Airbnb market. 

If you build your Airbnb business successfully, more and more people will want to test your consultancy services. And this is the ideal time to start charging for your services.

However, you should not charge too much or too little as an Airbnb consultant. Instead, charge a reasonable hourly wage according to your State.

3. Market your Airbnb consultancy business

We all know you should get out there for clients to see and hire you. That’s why you should market your Airbnb consultancy business. Let people out there understand the type of services you offer.

Remember that when marketing, you should show the potential client how they will benefit from your services. Show them proof of your success as an Airbnb host and why they should trust you.

If you want to earn a reasonable income as an Airbnb consultant, you should learn to create an attraction magnet for your business. Let’s see how to create a successful Airbnb consulting marketing funnel to acquire clients.

  • Create a landing page

A landing page is a great tool for your business. It should contain a summary of what you sell. In addition, you should ensure that you portray how you will help your client succeed in their Airbnb business.

You should also provide proof of your success in the Airbnb business. Show your clients why they should trust your process and hire you.

After you have created a good landing page, you should market your business to your potential clients.

  • Do online advertising

Online advertising is the new norm, especially with the growth of internet users. Therefore, online advertising is an excellent way to generate leads as an Airbnb consultant.

You can create Google Ads or Social Media Ads to showcase your business to potential clients.

  • Collect conducts for potential clients

Your landing page should have a contact form where you can collect contact details for your potential clients. You can also add your contact details to make it easy for clients to contact you in case they have questions.

  • Schedule appointments with your clients

Clients interested in your Airbnb consultancy business can be broad. Therefore, schedule appointments with each client to give them personalised guidance. For instance, some of your clients could do Airbnb business through other people’s properties, while others could do it with their properties. These two groups of clients will require different guidance to succeed in the Airbnb business.

  • Follow up on your clients

Whenever you call your client intending to know their progress, they always feel good and exceptional. This act of client follow-up could also bring you other cleits through referrals.

4. Excellent customer relationship

Once you get consultancy clients, ensure you build a reliable customer relationship. A good customer care relationship can increase referrals, expanding your client base. 

As an Airbnb consultant, you should build a reliable customer follow-up technique like email marketing. Keep in touch with previous consultancy clients and send them free tips sometimes. That will help them stick with you and always pay you whenever they need consultation services. 

How to Become an Airbnb Consultant

To become an Airbnb consultant, it’s important to be a good researcher. You start by researching the local and global market to identify any gaps you can fill as an Airbnb marketing consultant.

Your market research involves identifying problems that Airbnb hosts face and learning how to solve them. However, if you are an Airbnb host, it will be easier to understand and solve the problems you face. But still, you should research any trending issues affecting the Airbnb global market.

After identifying gaps or problems in the Airbnb consulting business, you should understand the issues deeper and devise relevant solutions. If you have ever faced a similar obstacle before, how did you solve it? That will help you share your ideas with your potential clients.

After you identify the solution, it’s time to market your Airbnb consultancy business to potential clients. You can use several channels, such as Social media, websites, Email marketing, or print advertisement, to promote your business.

Ensure that you prove to your potential clients how you can transform their Airbnb business through your guidance through your experiences in the industry. Most clients seem to trust Airbnb consultants with prior experience as Airbnb hosts.

Remember also to be an effective communicator because that’s a skill that most clients value. If you respond swiftly to your potential clients, they will likely refer you to their cleints.


Earning money as an Airbnb consultant starts with making yourself the best in the industry. Therefore, ensure you gain enough knowledge about Airbnb hosting through experience or thorough research.

Our main goal is mentoring you to make more money and become financially free. See our other ways of making money. We are sure you’ll like our recommendations. 

What are your views about the Airbnb consultation business? Let’s discuss this in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What are the main services of an Airbnb consultant?

An Airbnb consultant’s main aim is to help other hosts how to curb the challenges in the Airbnb space. These consultants advise people on how to start and manage Airbnb hosting.

  1. How can I become an Airbnb consultant?

Your knowledge of the Airbnb business determines your success as a consultant. You can be a successful Airbnb host with lots of 5-star reviews from your guests. Or you can be a top-notch researcher to know the best practices in the Airbnb market. It’s ideal to base your arguments on real-time activities. Therefore, you can get data from Airbnb hosts to create a reliable report that startups can use to grow.

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