Clean money, dirty hands is a saying that symbolizes working hard to earn income. We live in a world with thousands of ways to make money online or offline. That said, we all know that some people make money through illegal means, which they pay for it later.

This blog will shed some light on the saying, clean money, dirty hands. We will base our argument on manual jobs (dirty hands) that people make money with.

Most individuals yearn to have white color jobs to stay relevant in society. However, it’s time we stop the discrimination of people with manual jobs, which eventually pay their bills.

Our main goal is to share incredible tips for building wealth and acquiring financial freedom.

Clean Money Dirty Hands Jobs

clean money dirty hands

Some jobs get you dirty while working, but by the end of the day, week, or month, you will have clean money, no corruption whatsoever. 

 1. Cleaning Jobs

Cleaning jobs are among the clean money dirty hands jobs you can rely on today. These jobs may not pay much money compared to a manager’s job, but it’s worth it more than nothing. 

When doing a cleaning job, you experience all sorts of dirt, and you must clean it to get paid. Most people are judgemental of these cleaning jobs, but the truth is that these jobs paid the bills of over 2.9 million people in the US alone in 2022. 

The average hourly wage of a cleaner is $15. 

These people worked as janitors, housekeepers, maids, and general cleaners. The catch is that we can not stay in dirty environments, so these cleaning jobs will never cease.

The people who love white color jobs might have a tough time searching for jobs.

2. Mechanics

There is a saying that you cannot be a mechanic without getting your hands dirty. Talk about the oily clothes and hands you must deal with in your daily routine. A mechanic is an individual responsible for repairing problems in vehicles and engines.

The truth is, you can be a mechanic and save your hands from getting dirty. However, the good thing is you will get clean money with dirty hands when doing mechanics. As a mechanic, you can have an average hourly wage of $23.

3. Farming

Farming is another underrated profession that can help you make clean money dirty hands. We all know that agriculture is the only sole source of food in the universe. That means there is an excellent opportunity to feed the world through farming.

When you do it right, you can earn high profits as a farmer. You only need the right tools and enough land to do profitable farming. The average annual income of a farmer in the US is $45,946.

When farming, you are bound to make your hands dirty, but you’ll eventually earn a good income if you put in exemplary efforts. 

4. Painter

You can be a painter and earn clean money with dirty hands. However, you should have a great passion for drawing and designing. The good thing is you can learn the skill and market it to get clients.

Being a painter means you will have all sorts of colors all over your body, trying to make money. There are so many opportunities you can get from big companies.

You can earn an average annual income of $44,557 in the US.

Clean Money Dirty Hands, a Metaphor

Earning clean money means you are genuinely earning from the work of your hands. Furthermore, it means you earn as a result of your hard work regardless of your job. 

For instance, you can earn money as a part-time worker or as a consultant. All that is clean money dirty hands because of your efforts.


All genuine jobs contribute to the metaphor of clean money, dirty hands. At least, a genuine job allows you to make money without engaging in criminal activities.

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