The Best 28 Apps That Pay Real Money 

Earning money online has been on the rise in the past few years. Thousands of people globally, including me, opted for online work after the 2020 Coronavirus saga. That said, mobile apps have emerged that pay real money after doing various simple tasks.

You’ve all heard or seen people making money with their mobile phones through sharing tracked product links on their social media and other ways. But have you ever thought of downloading an app that can pay you money for doing simple tasks? 

Technology is evolving daily, and you can have several side hustles, including mobile apps that pay you real money. Dont forget to subscribe to our list, we promise to help you unveil interesting money facts.

Well, this post explains the best legit apps that pay real money. Keep reading. It’s interesting.

Side Gig Applications that Pay Real Money

1. Upwork, a gig app that pays real money

Upwork is a trusted global site that links potential employers with freelancers. You can sell your freelancing skills via this app. Upwork is among the best apps where you can earn real money by selling your freelance skills like writing, editing, proofreading, web development, and more.

For instance, if you are a website developer, Content writer, copywriter, social media marketer, or virtual assistant, you can create an appealing profile that attracts employers from across the globe.

To get clients, you reply to job posts and send excellent proposals. Clients will reply to your proposal for further discussion if they are happy with your samples. Once you land a client, you’ll withdraw your funds from the app using Paypal, Payoneer, Direct deposit, and Mpesa for Kenyan freelancers.

Note that all those skills are acquired from professionals. For instance, you can train to be an excellent content writer on Walter Akolo’s freelance writing course. Not only that, but he trains on how to create an Upwork profile and craft top-notch proposals that land high-paying clients. 

I actually took this Upwork mastery course that led me to my first-ever paid gig. 

Upwork is a great app where you can do your freelance work and earn thousands of dollars monthly.

2. Fiverr 

Fiverr is a Gig app for freelancers. To earn money with this app, you should create a professional gig from $5 to $999. 

Once you optimize your gig, buyers will contact you to discuss their projects.

You can sell services like web development and design, copywriting, article writing, translation, transcription, business consultancy, influencer marketing, and other freelance activities.

When your clients pay, you can withdraw the money via Paypal or Payoneer. Successful sellers on Fiverr have earned millions of dollars.

3. Uber 

person holding black smartphone displaying uber app

You can earn money with the Uber app by driving. Uber services are available in thousands of busy towns in the world. Therefore, once you successfully become an Uber driver, you are entitled to continuous income.

You need a valid driving license to be eligible as an Uber driver. 

Uber drivers earn an average of between $8 and $12 per hour. this is a good app that pays real money to experienced drivers.

4. Freelancer App

Freelancer app is another gig app that allows individuals to create profiles according to their skill set.

Thousands of clients post their job descriptions on the site and their budgets. If you can handle the job, you send a message to the client explaining what you can do to help them. 

Once a client likes your offer, they hire you and pay you after completing the project or on an hourly basis. 

You can withdraw your funds via Paypal and Payoneer.

5. Airbnb app that pays real money online

Airbnb is an online app that allows people to rent more space in their houses. You can make money passively if you’ve left your house and it’s in a tourist attraction zone. 

Alternatively, you can build real estate and make it an Airbnb market. It’s actually more profitable than renting, especially if it’s in a busy area with many visitors.

All you need is to register on the app as a host. 

The money you earn after you host a client is paid via Paypal.

Survey Apps That Pay Real Money Online 

Indeed, data is very important for any business. That’s why organizations pay millions of dollars to access actual data. 

And they do that by hiring survey apps that, in turn, get people like you to answer different questions and earn money in return. Here are excellent survey apps to earn real money.

6. Swagbucks app, the best survey app that pays real money

Swagbucks is an online survey app that pays you real money. Apart from surveys, you can watch videos or play games to earn real money.

After downloading and registering in Swagbucks, they’ll give you a welcome bonus in points or cash back for online shopping.

Once you are a member, you’ll earn SB points after successfully answering surveys, playing games, shopping online, or watching videos. 

You’ll redeem the points you earn to get gift cards for retailers like Amazon or Walmart and a Paypal card.

It’s that simple. 

7. Survey Monkey 

Survey monkey is another well-known online survey app where you can earn real money. It’s free to download and register in this app.

After registration, you’ll earn credit points after completing a survey successfully. 

You can only withdraw a minimum of $5 dollars to your PayPal account. Alternatively, you can redeem the points into Amazon gift cards or even donate your points to charity organizations. However, if you donate points worth $5, the Survey Monkey app will double the donation.

8. InboxDollars App pays you real money

InboxDollars is another app that pays you real money. Once you download and register with this app, you will earn $5 for activating your account. You’ll also earn more dollars if you complete the profile survey and watch their how-to video.

You’ll earn money on this app by watching videos, filling in surveys, online shopping via the app, signing up for other companies’ newsletters, and playing games. 

You can get coupons to use at grocery stores.

InboxDollars app pays you real money through a Paypal account, where you can withdraw it instantly.

9. Survey Junkie app pays real money online

Survey Junkie is another app you can download and earn money. This survey app has big opportunities for surveys. That means you don’t wait for them to send surveys because they are always available.

Here the amount you earn depends on your efforts. 

Survey Junkie doesn’t give you a welcome bonus. Instead, they’ll give you high-value survey tasks that will make you pocket your first dollar.

For instance, you will earn when you complete the profile survey, watch a how-to video, and concerning your email address.

You also earn points on other surveys that you take. Once you get 500 points, you’ll redeem them for $5, which is the minimum amount sent to your Paypal.

10. SavvyConnect app pays real money

SavvyConnect is an excellent app where you can earn passive income. You will earn money when you install this app on your device. The app takes your browsing data in the background without interruptions. 

The app will pay you $5 each month per device. So if you install it on 4 devices, that will be $20 per month.

The good thing is that your personal data, like name and address, is safe. 

Cashback Apps 

11. Fetch Rewards 

Fetch Reward is a free app that gives you points when you shop online. The mobile app rewards shoppers for any receipt they upload. Fetch rewards say that each receipt earns you 25 points. However, you’ll gain some bonus welcome points if you are new.

Once you buy special offers advertised in the app, you’ll also earn extra points. In addition, featured brands allow you to earn more than the normal 25 points per receipt.

Referring your friends to download the Fetch app earns you more points still.

You can redeem the points for gift cards or cash. A 1000 points earn you $1. So, to get $5 needs 5000 points. 

12. Rakuten

This cashback app rewards shoppers with money once they buy from their more than 3500 stores. It’s free to download and use the app. You can get 10% cash back once you shop on this app. With some brands like Adidas, you can earn up to 15% cashback using the Rakuten app.

Once Rakuten refers you to the stores, they get some commissions, so don’t think it’s some kind of free money.

13. Ibotta, a cash-back app that pays real money

Ibotta is another cash-back app that rewards you after shopping online or when you shop on the app. You can earn on groceries, beer, wine, spirits, and other online shopping. 

Ibotta rewards you with cashback and other bonuses after successful shopping.

This app works with your favourite stores to help you save some cash using coupons.

Ibotta gives a welcome bonus of $10 once you spend $30. Afterward, you’ll earn different cashbacks from different stores using the Ibotta app.

14. Upside 

Everyone benefits from using the Upside cashback app. The stores get customers, the app gets commissions from the stores, and you get cash-back rewards from the app. 

Upside collaborates with multiple common stores where you can shop frequently. You can earn on groceries, car fueling, eating, drinking, etc.

You only need to submit your receipt to them and have your cash via direct transfer or PayPal.

15. Marble 

With the Marble app, you’ll earn points(marbles) after buying insurance policies. You’ll get 500 marbles as a new member after adding your first policy.

As the app helps you manage your insurance policies in one place, you’ll also earn rewards. 

You will also earn rewards when you refer your friends to download the marble app.

Gaming Apps 

16. Mistplay gaming app pays real money

We have real game apps that pay you real money after winning games. Let’s have a look at them!

Mistplay is a gaming app that rewards you with points once you play. As you play, you’ll collect units you can later turn into rewards. You can redeem for Amazon gift cards, Paypal, Google Play, or more.

The app gives you several options for interesting games to play. Mistplay launches weekly contests where members can win grand prizes. While playing, a new achievement earns you more units to redeem for rewards.

17. Blackout Bingo 

Blackout Bingo is among the bingo apps that pay real money. The app has over 70,000 reviews above 4.5/5, meaning that most people like it. To participate in the cash rewards, you will pay $0.6 per card, which is a $0.5 participation fee and a $0.1 platform fee.

If you don’t want to participate in cash rewards, you can play the games you wish for free.

After winning cash rewards, you can receive payment via your preferred payment method like PayPal, bank transfer, etc.

18. Solitaire Cube 

With the Solitaire cube pro version, you can earn real money by playing card games. The iOS and Galaxy stores are the places you can get the Solitaire cube games that earn you money. The app is still available on the Google play store, but it consists of single players where you cant earn money.

With this app, you earn rewards after winning the game in a specified time, say 5 minutes. The Skillz games power the Solitaire Cube game, and after registration, you receive its Z virtual currency. Using your Z coins, you play games and get rewarded with Tickets after winning. You can redeem these tickets to have whatever you wish.

19. Rewarded play 

Rewarded play is an app where you can earn gift cards for your favourite shopping store like Amazon, Walmart, etc. Once you download the app, you will get lots of interesting games to play. The more you play to win, the more you’ll earn rewards. You will then redeem these rewards for gift cards.

This app boasts of sending over $7 million to its users since its inception. And this means that the app is real.

Social Media Apps 

person holding a space gray iPhone 6 displaying apps

20. Facebook, the top social media app that pays real money

Facebook is the most used social media app, with over 1.9 billion daily users. These users can be customers and clients if you set up your page right.

Whatever skill you have, you can monetize it on Facebook and start earning. 

If you are an influencer with many followers, you’ll attract brands that need you to advertise their goods and services at a fee.

Check how your page becomes eligible for monetization here.

21. Twitter 

Twitter is another social media app where you will deal with all sorts of high-profile professionals.

You can market your skills on Twitter and end up getting high-value direct clients on the site.

With writing professionals, we have writers of color that posts about high-paying writing jobs.

Ensure you follow authority handles in your area of expertise. If it’s finance, follow the likes of Forbes, Nerdwallet, FreedomWithFinance, and others. 

22. Tiktok 

With the Tiktik creator fund, you can earn money with in-feed display ads if you have many followers. In addition, if you have some products or services to sell, you can get direct clients from your followers.

This app also allows you to set up crowdfunding to earn donations from fans who like your creativity.

Tiktok earnings depend much on the number of views you get.

The more your videos are viewed, the more you earn. For instance, you could earn between $2 to$4 for every 1000 views, which means you can earn more with millions of views. 

23. Instagram 

With many Instagram followers, brands and companies would love to reach more clients via your page. Of course, you’ll charge them for placing ads on your feed. 

Another way to make money with the Instagram app is by selling your products or services.

24. Reddit 

Reddit is not known by many. But it’s an app where you can get high-paying gigs. For instance, if you are a freelance writer, join groups that advertise writing jobs.

You can also create a For hire subreddit to advertise your skills.

On Reddit, you get direct clients.

Investing Apps 

With fintech, cryptocurrency has now made up billionaires from nothing.

cryptocurrency trading on a mobile phone app

25. ExpertOption app pays real money

ExpertOption is a trading app with around 100 assets and stocks. If you are a pro investor, you can start trading to earn money with this app on your mobile phone. 

Over 20 million people trust using this trading app as of October 2022.

You can open a free demo account if you are just starting trading. With a demo account, you learn how to trade with virtual money. However, you don’t earn real money with a demo account.

Once you are sure about trading, open a real account and trade to earn money. Once you trade successfully, you could be the next millionaire.

26. Fundrise 

Fundrise is an investing app that pays you real money. Investors can earn up to 10.5% annual returns, depending on the volume of their investment.

This app pools funds from willing investors and invests them in real estate(commercial or residential), debt, equity, etc.

This app allows investors to own properties with little cash. Each investor is entitled to earn dividends at the end of each financial year. 

27. Robinhood 

Robinhood is another app that pays you real money through investing. This app facilitates stocks, cryptocurrency, and cash trading. You can deposit your cash and earn a 3.75% interest.

With crypto, stocks, and EFTs, you can start building your portfolio with only $1. Robinhood app charges no fee, and you can earn a 4% commission on buying and selling cryptocurrency.

28. Gemini, a legit app that pays real money

Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange app that helps inventors to trade and earn money with their phones. All new US users get a free $5 in Bitcoin to start buying and reselling other cryptos. This app facilitates crypto trading with over 100 types of coins. 

Apart from trading, there are Gemini credit master cards you can earn rewards for once you shop with them. 

Frequently Asked Questions For Apps That Pay Real Money

  1. Which apps pay you lots of money?

Most people recommend the Swagbucks app since you can earn a lot of money within a short period. In addition, the Upwork freelancing app pays lots of money to those with high-quality freelance skills. 

  1. Which apps pay you bonuses after joining?

Swagbucks, Ibotta, Fetch, Mistpaly, Rakuten, and others pay you bonuses and rewards after joining. You can redeem the rewards in cash or gift cards.


As you’ve seen, you can download an app and start earning money immediately. Some apps take longer before you can get huge earnings, but it’s better than doing nothing.

Since you have the best apps that pay real money, it’s high time you diversify your income sources since jobs are no longer secure. Build your online presence with social media apps, and you can market your skills and land high-paying clients. In addition, there are alos other ways you can make money while at home.

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