23 Part-time Jobs That Pay Well in the US

Part-time jobs that pay well in the US

Zippia statistics show that over 27 million people work part-time jobs in the US, contributing to 17% of the US workforce. This number has increased since 2020 from 24.6 million to 27 million people. Whether a high school or an undergraduate student, you can still get part-time jobs that pay well in the US.

One of the main reasons why people work part-time is that they are in school or attending other programs that contribute to their career or well-being. Therefore, don’t hesitate to look for a part-time job even if you are a student.

This blog shows you the best part-time jobs that pay well for students in the US. Keep reading to unveil what you can do to earn extra money.

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Part-time Jobs That Pay Well For Students

Being a student means you may have to balance study and work. We understand you wish to get a job to pay your bills and tuition. We have a list of part-time jobs that pay well for students in the US. However, anyone else can do these jobs if they have the skills.

  1. Librarian

There is a chance to work as a librarian in the US since libraries are over 17,000. You can work 20 – 30 hours a week as a part-time librarian in the US. This means you should commit at least 4 hours daily to your job.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) predicts an average of 14,900 librarian job vacancies annually. In addition, BLS expects the growth of librarian jobs to grow by 6% from 2021 through 2031.

As a librarian, you can work in schools, state, private or local libraries in the US. you can work in the evening, weekend or during the holidays. Your role as a librarian is to ensure that books are easy to find on the shelves, create a database of the books available, and manage the collections of books and videos available.

  1. Data Entry 

Data entry is among the part-time jobs that pay well for students in the US. One of the highest demands in this era is accurate data. Big companies use data to make decisions on products and services to sell. 

Data will never get outdated, that’s why there will always be jobs in the statistics industry. As a data entry analyst, you should be conversant with converting paper data into electronic means such as images, spreadsheets, and Word documents.

You can work on data entry in your free time, either after classes or after a 9-5 job. However, if you are doing the job remotely, you need to buy a laptop you can use to type the data.

You will earn at least $11 per hour for data entry jobs in the US.

  1. Babysitter
Babysitting is also among the part-time jobs that pay well in the US

The United States has over 48,000 babysitters, with 88.9% being ladies and 14.2% being men. New NewYork City has more demand for babysitters than other cities in the US. 

You can work as a babysitter for 4-8 hours a day, mostly during weekdays when the parents are at work. 

To be an excellent babysitter, you should have passion and love for children. If you have a great love for the children, the boss might just add some little pay on top.

  1. Real Estate Agent

If you have a great passion for property investment, you can start out as a real estate agent. The good thing is you can do this job part-time, at your schedule.

Statistics show that since 2020, people in the US have taken advantage of the reduced mortgage rates due to covid 19 and invested in houses. Furthermore, more than 60% of homes are sold at higher than the listed price.

These statistics show a good business for real estate agents because the higher the home price, the higher the commissions. The good thing is that real estate agents are among the best-paying part-time jobs that students can do.

As a part-time real estate agent in the US, you can earn at least $1400 monthly income if you market yourself accordingly.

  1. Social Media Content Manager

Technology is coming up with new trends frequently. In the past decade, social media has been a common word in the streets worldwide. As a result, big businesses have found ways to leverage social media to market their products and services.

However, everyone is busy out there, and therefore, there is less or no time to spend on social media posting content. And that gives you the opportunity to work part-time as a social media account manager.

You can use several social media management tools to plan your content across multiple social media accounts. Therefore, you just need to be good at crafting marketing and informative posts that can drive business traffic.

Social media managers earn a monthly income of at least $2000, which is a good amount to support their studies.

  1. Freelance writing

Freelance writing is also among the part-time jobs that pay well for students. In addition, it’s among the careers you can learn and earn fast money. 

Statistics show that there are over 200 million active websites across the internet. And these websites need content, which they get from freelance writers worldwide.

The good thing about freelance writing is that you can do the job remotely on your schedule. Freelance writing gives you a good opportunity to earn only as you study.

You can get remote freelance writing jobs on Upwork, Pro Blogger, LinkedIn, social media platforms, etc. As a freelance writer, you can earn an hourly income of at least $30.

  1. Online courses

Due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, governments locked down their country to curb the spread, which meant that people were not supposed to move around, including students. As a result, organizations and schools developed online courses where people can learn from home.  

Being good at something gives you an opportunity to earn money from what you know. People will never stop learning. As a result, you can earn from teaching people about something you are perfect in.

For instance, if you are a good freelance writer, you can teach other people how they can be freelance writers and earn money from it. You can also teach people through YouTube tutorials and earn money from Google Adsense when you meet the criterion.

The good thing is you can do all this training at once and start generating passive income while you study or do other things.

  1. Graphic designers

You don’t need all the time to be a graphic designer. If you are a student, you can consider this part-time job that pays well to boost your income. You can take online courses to learn about graphic design and get a certification for the same.

As a graphic designer, you can earn an hourly income of at least $18. However, you can always claim higher wages based on your expertise.

Companies need graphics to boost their content performance and design product flyers and brochures. You can search for graphic design jobs on LinkedIn, Upwork, and other job boards.

  1. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is another part-time job that pays well for students. You only need some basic computer skills to do your daily tasks. You can do the virtual assistant job remotely while you study.

As a virtual assistant, you will manage business emails, make appointments, schedule travels, make phone calls, etc. 

  1. Editor

Editing jobs are among the part-time jobs you can do to earn money as a student in the US. As long as there are over 200 million active websites across the web, those websites need flawless content for their readers.

As a result, it’s easy to get an editing job at one or several of those websites. However, you should be a writer before being an excellent editor. 

Most editors earn an average hourly wage of $36 in the US. you can work in publications and magazines that publish more than 5 articles daily.

  1. Photographer

Are you a lover of photos? If yes, you can earn passive income by selling your photos. It’s passive income because you take the photos once, and you can earn money as long as it stays on photo stores like iStock, Unsplash, etc.

As a student, you can get a smartphone with an excellent camera and take photos of anything good during your free time. You can take photos of birds, lakes, swamps, trees, flowers, buildings, people, etc, and post them for sale. However, to make the photos look more appealing, you can edit them using Canva or Adobe Photoshop.

In Addition, ensure you include a name that explains the photo to enable people to get it when they enter a keyword.

Part-time Jobs That Pay Well

  1. Bank teller

If you are doing an accounting course, you can apply for jobs as a teller in your local towns. However, this job is not remote and you should be at your place of work during working hours. 

Most states permit students to work part-time jobs for 20 hours per week. This means you can work four hours for 5 days a week.

However, working as a bank teller requires you to have a bachelor’s degree in related courses such as accounting, finance, etc. As a bank teller in the US, you can earn at least $15 per hour.

  1. Fitness Trainer 

One in five adults in the US exercise daily, either through walking or other gym activities. Furthermore, 49.1% of adults in the US try to lose weight in 12 months, meaning you already have ready clients, starting with your college mates.

Are you interested in workouts and fitness training? You can leverage your hobby into a money-making tool. 

Think of renting a space to start training other people on how to lose weight. However, you should be an example to your trainees. That’s why you should have less weight.

The good thing about being a fitness trainer is that you can train part-time during your free hours. Another advantage is you can share training videos on YouTube, where you can start earning money later after meeting the eligibility criteria.

You can dedicate 2 to 3 hours daily to taking your trainees. You will therefore earn from each employee.

  1. Delivery Driver 

If you have a driver’s license, it can be a good idea to work part-time as a delivery driver. Most Americans do online shopping for almost everything they need. 

Research shows that online sales are likely to increase by 14.6% in the US between 2022 and 2025.

This means that online stores need people who can deliver products to clients. Therefore, you can apply for a job as a delivery driver and work part-time. You can earn $18.5 per hour as a delivery driver.

  1. Plumber 

If you have experience in plumbing, you can work part-time around your residence area. Plumbing is among the best-paying part-time jobs in the US where you can also gain experience.

You can either apply for a part-time job in construction companies or search for part-time plumbing jobs in your neighborhood.

While you work with your clients, ensure you maintain a good relationship. As a result, they may refer you to their friends who need plumbers in the future. 

  1. Software Developer 

If you are a coding expert, you can develop software such as applications, accounting software, etc. for companies across the world. The good thing is that most software development jobs are remote, meaning you can work on your own schedule when you’re not in class.

You can search for software development jobs on boards like Upwork, and other remote job boards.

As a software developer, you can earn $43 per hour. However, you should be good at software development to build a successful income with the career.

  1. Web Developer 

Web development is another part-time job that pays well for students in the US. Research shows that over 252,000 websites are published daily. 

You can leverage this opportunity as a web developer and get these jobs. In addition, once you develop a website, companies can hire you to maintain their websites on a monthly basis. Meaning you will have a permanent job as long as you do your job well.

  1. Brand Ambassador 

Every brand out there wants to reach its target customers. Therefore, most companies hire influencers to advertise their brand on their social media walls.

To work part-time as a brand ambassador you should have a massive social media following that is likely to drive results to the company’s brand.

You should also be an excellent marketer for you to work as a brand ambassador. As a brand ambassador, you can earn at least $19 per hour.

  1. HR manager 

Human resource management is among the best part-time jobs that pay well for students in the US. However, you should have a bachelor’s degree in HRM to work part-time. 

Some companies outsource HRMs when hiring. As an HRM you will be responsible for vetting potential candidates through an interview. 

You should have the skills to know which candidate is fit for the job description.

You will earn an average of $56 per hour as a part-time HR manager in the US.

  1. Makeup Artist 

Makeup artists are also among the part-time jobs that pay well for college students in the US. If you like doing makeup, you can turn that into a career. 

You can search for make-up jobs near you where you can work part-time. Alternatively, you can also start a makeup parlor where you can get direct clients. 

However, you should be good at what you do to succeed as a makeup artist in the US. You should also be ready to market your business accordingly. 

Furthermore, look for jobs on wedding sites where you can link up with potential clients. 

  1. Bookkeeping 

Do you have experience in book balancing? You can work part-time as a bookkeeper for small businesses. The good thing is you can work for several businesses in a single month. 

Search for bookkeeping jobs in small businesses around you. Furthermore, you can get these jobs on remote job boards where you can work part-time.

  1. Marketing Specialist 

Everyone wants their business to get clients. That’s why companies spend billions of dollars to market their products. That shows you can be a marketing specialist for these companies.

You will be responsible for identifying marketing opportunities and creating a marketing plan that drives results.

However, ensure you have the basic skills in marketing businesses. In addition, ensure you learn about all the trends in the marketing sector.

  1. Security Officer

Being a security officer is among the part-time jobs that pay well you can do as a student. However, you should have the necessary skills for security officers. 

You can learn and get certificates on security and defense aspects in your state. 

Once you have the skills, you can search for jobs in security companies in your state.

To Conclude 

Now, you know the part-time jobs that pay well for college students in the US. Why don’t you try to do some of these jobs to boost your income?

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